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Wild Hearts

Book 1 of the Castle View romance series

Telling her to leave is impossible. Having her stay will bankrupt the family. Sometimes second chances don’t fit the bottom line.

A Fresh Start -

Abigail Johnson newly hired administrator of Castle View’s Big Cat Sanctuary has just moved her daughter from Seattle back to Abigail’s hometown. Her new boss, Mark Castle stops by to drop the bombshell. The sanctuary is on life support and she shouldn’t even unpack.

Feeling torn –

Mark has one chance to save the family business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The easy way out is to close the tiger sanctuary that is dripping in red ink. It is the responsible thing to do. At least financially.

One final shot –

The sanctuary’s existence hinges on winning  The Wildlife Conservation Society Hagenbeck Grant, one of the most prestigious grants in the zoo world.  She’s determined to make the sanctuary sustainable, no matter what the cost. Falling in love is just a complication.

Also available in print

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