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The Bull Rider's Buddy (A Cowboy Crush story)

Book 2 of the Shawnee Valley romance series

Cash Dillon, former pro-football player and owner of The Pancake House, is hours away from paradise. He’s finally taking a real vacation. A week on a Mexican beach–no responsibility, no worries, and no schedule. When his delivery driver is stuck on another run, Cash takes one last delivery up the mountain.
June Palmer is home in Shawnee visiting her grandmother, but when her high school crush delivers their meal, it feels more like a high school reunion. When Cash crashes his truck minutes after leaving her cabin, she has to figure out a way to get him down the mountain and to safety without revealing her hidden feelings.
If you love strong family connections, cozy community settings, and characters to root for, you need to read the Shawnee Valley series.   

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