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Welcome to the world of Lynn Collins.


I write contemporary romance set in small towns or close knit communities. And it all started with the Shawnee Valley Series.  THE BULL RIDER'S BROTHER is a cowboy crush story with a reunion theme as well as a secret, not so, baby. THE BULL RIDER'S BUDDY, THE BULL RIDER'S MANAGER, THE BULL RIDER'S KEEPER. The fifth book in the series, THE BULL RIDER'S MOTHER will arrive early 2020.  

So get your Wranglers on and saddle up for a fast ride. 


The idea for the Castle View series started many years ago  when I took a trip to St. Maries, Idaho and fell in love with the area.  The images in my mind have never left so when I wanted to find a place to set Castle View, I chose the beautiful, northern Idaho area. 

The Castle View books are all about small towns and families - the ones you are born into and the ones you create. 


The Council series is a little darker and more action packed. A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL, book 1, is the start of this witch out of water series. The other two books, RETURN OF THE FAE and THE SALEM GATHERING follow Ty and Parris's adventures for and in spite of The Council.  


Do you love bundles?  SAVING PARRIS, the series bundle of books 1-3 of the Council series is now available exclusively on Amazon.

A new Council mini series starts with JEWEL OF THE BAYOU. New main characters that you already know and love take on an assignment from The Council. 

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Praise for Lynn Collins

Wild Hearts - 

"I love this story and the family dynamics. I can’t wait to read more." Blessed 911

"This was a great read. well worth the time spent reading and missing sleep." Trisha E

Sweet Hearts - 

"Ms. Collins has a light, easy writing style that carefully constructs the story..." Kathy A.

Upcoming Events

2022 dates are in flux due to the global pandemic. However, if you know of an amazing venue, let Lynn know and maybe she'll be coming to visit your town.

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